What’s really going on behind the scenes

Entertainment : astral mind dynamics

A new threat has emerged that challenges all known security protocols

Astral espionage: a new financial security threat

What i’ll be doing for the next decade.

An assessment of the worlds most popular crypto coin

The Metaphysical Reality of Bitcoin

When and how our identities shift

Are we being consumed by astral pirates?

Is our health being eroded by astral compression-related piracy operations?

Placing the body & mind under astral compression can lead to devastating consequences such as sleep & mood disorders, irritability, lack of focus, aches & pains.

Acquisition by a larger company or conglomerate can be a viable form of fundraising

If we can make machines strong enough to mimic influential celestial bodies we could ensure longevity of our sun, or make distant planets habitable.

  • How : The wave maintains the frequencies of the star and combustion of its fuel supply.
  • If true, the frequency of the star can be controlled via its position relative to other bodies.
  • If true, we can expect frequency shifts…

The probability field evolves with every creative act

Creative energy as probability function : The probability field evolves with every creative act

Let’ focus for a second

  • Biotech
  • Space
  • Digital
  • Automotive

Christopher Graham Hurrell

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