The Metaphysical Reality of Bitcoin

An assessment of the worlds most popular crypto coin

Bitcoin was supposed to disrupt the financial system but instead became a highly profitable ponzi scheme.

This will no doubt end at some point, when the game becomes apparent to all.

Until then here’s what I think.

  • The value of bitcoin needs to be capped to a value linked to its utilitarian function.
  • Bitcoin is a useful experiment, which has paved the way for token technologies to be developed.
  • Its a bad investment choice, invest in startup companies instead — See here
  • In order to benefit from blockchain or token technologies, you don’t need to use Bitcoin, you can use commercially available or custom designed solutions instead.

The Metaphysical Implications of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin has provided a profitable channel for growth for experimental or disruptive communities
  • Bitcoin has enlightened us to a possible reality of a world without traditional banks
  • Bitcoin has used its user engagement as an illuminating light to empower other blockchain developers and communities


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